Feeding the Hungry Along the Shoreline

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get helpThe Shoreline Soup Kitchens & Pantries is an interfaith service that provides food and fellowship to those in need and educates our community on hunger and poverty.

My 10-year-old son & friend decided to donate 10% of all sales from shoveling driveways to the Soup Kitchen.  This money is from Derek Jr. & Josh.  Thank you!

Enclosed please find our check for $92.00 for the Shoreline Soup Kitchens and Pantries.  This check represents our ongoing penny collection in our 4th grade at St. John School in Old Saybrook.  We are happy to help the Kitchens and thank you all for the work you do for others.  God Bless You, the 4th Grade, St. John School, Old Saybrook.

In honor of the eighth grade graduation of our granddaughter, we enclose a donation and will tell her at the graduation party that this is one of her gifts.  Thank you for all the excellent work done by SSK&P.  It's a blessing for the entire shoreline and all its residents.

Two little girls, Heidi Clerk and Emily Peterson, had sold lemonade at a stand and then took all the money they earned and bought food for the soup kitchen at the Essex Baptist Church meal site.  They brought in at least three bags of things including some fresh squash.
Another very lovely woman showed up with a cooler filled with individual frozen bags of squash all from her garden.
Nice to know people are really concerned for their neighbors.
The Old Lyme pantry would like to thank Centerbrook Curves for running a food drive for the pantry.  The organization asked the members of Curves to donate both nonperishable food and money.  For a few months, as members came to do their exercises, they gladly brought in their donations.  Curves has been running food drives for the pantry for a number of years.
It is a real surprise and pleasure to receive food drives like this, where a business, an organization or a school class, runs a drive not solicited by us but spontaneously, out of the goodness of their hearts.  The staff and volunteers of SSKP would like to thank them all on behalf of the people in need who use our services.  These donations help us provide good quality food o our guests. Centerbrook Curves is a wonderful example of community spirit and generosity.

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Thank you Exchange Club of Old Saybrook for your generous check!
Thank you Shunyata Healing Center for collecting food for the Westbrook food pantry!  Barbara Gaudio is shown with some of the items brought in by her clients.  Shunyata Healing Center provides massage, reflexology, reiki, spa, hypnosis, etc.  Visit https://healatshunyata.com.


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The Shoreline Soup Kitchens & Pantries (SSKP) Westbrook Pantry, located at Saint Mark's Catholic Church, received 577 non perishable items collected by Aaron Manor in Chester.  The staff and residents and their family members
all collected items to help feed their neighbors in these very difficult times. 

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